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Kids Get Crafty: A Calendar Year

Kids Get Crafty: A Calendar Year


One of the wonderful advantages of being a stay-at-home mom is that I can kinda pick up and take off as I please.  This of course is not actually the case, but was back in December.  I got to come home south of the Mason Dixon line, and I've been here for a little over a month now.  This month has revealed a couple of things about myself: 

1. I miss my crafty space more than I miss anything else.  Seriously.  

2. No matter how many supplies I bring, it would never be enough.  

So, that's all to say this post involves a limited supply list.  Most of what I used was purchased from craft stores while I was here (because they're 5-10 minutes away, instead of 30 like at home), and the idea struck me while I was here.  Moving along...

Around Christmas time I saw lots and lots of advent calendars, and I was also digitally cataloging my stamps along with inspiration pictures, and I came across this inspiration picture:

My Godmother has had a calendar for as long as I can remember that uses 1/2" ceramic tile that can be changed according to the month.  Combine these two ideas and you have what my project is for this month's Kids Get Crafty.

The idea is to get a cork board, and use it to change the tags out each month.  I don't anticipate getting it complete anytime soon, more of a project I can pick up now and again, but one that would really enjoy seeing daily in my home.  And it's perfect to have kids participate in its creation as they can help make the tags that would be used for their birthdays, holidays, or any other special days throughout the year.  

Some of the supplies I used are here:

A lot of this stuff you would probably have in your crafty closet, but it should all be stuff you wouldn't mind your little ones getting in to: punches, washi tape, ribbon, stickers, and embellishments.  I particularly like the little clothes pins, as you can add reminders from the sticker sheet as needed.

I will definitely post updated pictures to this project as they come along, but for now I am excited for this project.  It's my goal to have wonderful things that my children made in my home to cherish for years after they have homes of their own (which I cannot talk about right now...tear), and this is a good start.  Of course, my daughter is too young to have contributed much to this project except throwing a thousand hearts around, but as she grows she will be able help me make all 365 tags and it is a memory I will cherish forever.


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**This post is a little short this month, in length and on pictures, but I'm using my family's computer from 1994, so please understand!  I'll update it shortly.**

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