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Kid's Get Crafty: Finishing Touches on Finger Painting

Kid's Get Crafty: Finishing Touches on Finger Painting


Get Kids Crafty! is the brainchild of myself, Hannah, and of Marcia at The Frolicking Fairy. We both posted and shared pictures of our young children crafting with our craft products on the same day. She and I are good friends and we were chatting about how we wished we could get more kiddos into our craft rooms. Wouldn't it be AWESOME if we could bridge the gap between THEIR art and OURS? What would happen if we taught them to respect our expensive products? Would we find new inspiration with our own belongings?

So Marcia and I decided to search for fellow bloggers/crafters/moms who wanted to share in our experience. We have asked them to blog once a month around a common theme and to share their experiences, good and bad, in their craft rooms with their kiddos. Once a quarter we'll be asking YOU to share in the experience! We'll be asking you to craft with your kiddo and to share on social media! One participant will be chosen to win a prize! You don't have to blog, you just have to share your child's work on Instagram or Facebook using the hashtag #getkidscrafty, we'll find you and let you know that you are our winner!

We have timed our blog post to coincide with the new release for the Brutus Monroe Mini Monroe box! We are REALLY excited about this box, as the premise behind it is to get kiddos crafting alongside their parents! We haven't gotten our hands on this box yet, but when we do we'll be sharing our thoughts on it, and showing you the work our kiddos have done with it!


When I was registering for my baby shower, I spent an inordinate amount of time finding books that would promote creativity in my child.  I am crafty and creative, a writing major, and more "free spirited", while my husband is technical and loves math/science.  It's a good blend, but I wanted to make sure I nurtured our little one's creativity.  Growing up I was not told outright that the arts and creativity were not viable options for my future, but it was suggested to my 8-year-old self that maybe I would like to be an accountant.  Nothing against accountants, I actually think I would make a pretty decent one these days, but I didn't even know what an accountant did.

That being said, I was excited to start getting crafty with my little one.  She's only 14 months old, but it's never to young to start, right?

Uh, it might be a little early yet.

I knew I couldn't just turn her loose with art supplies unless I wanted a BIG mess on my hands and a possible call to poison control, so I had to plan carefully.  I think the final product turned out pretty nice.


First, the supplies: 


Kid safe paint

Cardstock/Bristol paper

Baby wipes

Gallon Ziploc bags

Paper plates

Plastic tablecloth (optional)


Since my little one is only 14 months old there are a limited crafts that I can do with her, but modified finger painting is one of them.  First, I cut down the cardstock into 8.5 x 5.5 pieces and added dollops of paint to them in my desired colors.  It's important here to think about color theory and avoid complimentary colors, because they will definitely get mixed.

Next, seal the bag.  This is a vital step because otherwise a chaotic mess would ensue.  Then, I let her have at it.

She needed some prompting to push the paint around.  In fact, all she wanted to do was pick the bag up from the ground and swing it around her head, which got the job done in the end.  I repeated the painting with another set of colors on craft cardstock.

Once finished I thought I would try some more typical finger painting.  It didn't go as smoothly as I had hoped.

The finished products were not exactly what I expected.  I did not get a perfect handprint in fall colors.  I did not get a beautifully marbled piece of cardstock.  Instead...


Some things I learned: even though the bag is sealed and you think you can wait a 20 minutes to pull the cardstock out, you are wrong.  The cardstock on the right is Neenah 80lb. and it did not hold up well to the kid's paint.  I assume there is a lot of water in the paint since it is super washable, and that soaked right into the paper and it peeled badly when I pulled it out.  This would turn out to be a very happy accident later one.  Next, the craft cardstock did not peel, but it did tear along the bottom.  Not a big problem since I could work around it.  

Also, this particular kid's paint dried really rough to the touch...uncomfortably rough.  I don't actually like touching the dried paint because of it's texture, but again, it was something I was able to work with.

So once my daughter's part was done and she was napping (finally), I set about turning these into beautiful crafts.  Let me just say, this was not an easy feat.  My style is a bit more clean or kitchy, so I had to work a bit to figure out what I was going to do here.

The first thing I needed to do was the repair the peeled piece of Neenah cardstock.  I used Decofoil liquid adhesive and an old brush to paint over the exposed white cardstock areas.  I added some to areas that had not peeled for a consistent look.  I also pounced the brush down on the fingerpainted piece for some added flair as well.


After waiting a couple of hours for it to dry, I applied gold foil (no need for heat).  At first I was disappointed that it was not covering the white entirely, but when I was done I was very pleasantly surprised.


The two pieces on the left turned out beautiful.  They look like pieces of art.  It was really hard to figure out what to do with them because nothing I could add compared to how great they looked.  Next, I used a Paper Smooches die (Leaves 2) to cut out lots and lots of leaf shapes from one of the finger painted pieces.  I also used a stacked circle die to create a circle wreath shape.

I didn't have an autumn sentiment stamp or die in my stash, so a quick trip to my local mega-craft mart resulted in a postcard book with several fall sayings.  And best of all it was only a couple of bucks.

I used the "Happy Fall Y'all" sentiment and cut it into a banner shape.  I sketched it out in pencil, which was actually not easy to erase due to the finish on the card, but any marks were resolved by cutting inside the lines.


After cutting it out, I applied glue on the right side and popped the left side up with foam tape, and then wove it through the wreath shape.  Next, all the leaves.  I cut out some leaves from the remaining white postcard material, some craft cardstock, and some leftover foiled cardstock.  Then I just stacked them all over the wreath and banner to complete the look.


For the second card, I used my Silhouette machine to cut out a sentiment that I purchased from an Etsy store in various foil colors.  Bluing them on vellum, I attached it to the background and finished the card.  It's not my favorite, but I am just so in love with the background that I don't know what finishes I want for the other.


In the end, I really loved getting started on a crafty journey with my little one.  I know it will be something that we will do for a long time to come.


This is the first stop on the Kid's Get Crafty! blog hop.  Be sure to check out the following blogs on the rest of the hop for more great ideas to get crafty with your kids!

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